Enterprise Sales Training Week 2016

Raising the Bar on Training + Enablement for a World-Class Sales Force

While every business wants to maximize its profit, successful enterprise leaders know it starts with a building a robust and equipped sales force. In today’s saturated marketplace, developing an all-star sales team requires a renewed investment in training and enablement strategies with a blend of tech-driven solutions.

The challenges are vast, but progress is happening every day as innovators are finding creative ways to ramp up their teams' time to competence. If your sights are set on overhauling your company’s sales training and enablement, you won’t want to miss the conversations taking place conversations taking place at Enterprise Sales Training Week.

Who Will You Meet?

This exchange will build a core enterprise network of Learning and Development executives, especially those having direct oversight of the sales training and enablement departments. Enterprise Sales Training Week will also include the perspectives of curriculum developers, eLearning and gamification experts, as well as sales enablement solution-providers streamlining the sales process.

Participants include:

  •  Chief Learning Officers
  •  Deans of Sales Academies
  •  VP of Sales Training
  •  Director of Sales Enablement
  •  VP/Directors of Organizational L&D
  •  Managers of Training Curriculum
  •  Directors of eLearning
  •  Directors of Sales Talent Acquisition

We look forward to seeing you in Austin this March as we explore the growth of enterprise sales training, eLearning strategies, and best practices in jump-starting your team to success!

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